Religious architecture is an area of design service where our goal is to interpret the specific goals of spiritual service for worshippers and  provide buildings and space that can nurture human spirit. We approach this with an open minded and inclusive outlook, as religious structures serve many expressions of spirituality and diverse background.

Our design service is individual and experience based. The spaces that we create are places of worship that can promote meditative and reflective thought or enhance the coming together of people to be with God. A design program for a place of worship can offer great opportunities for design expression. Our understanding of the variety of religious practice has ranged in our client representation from Catholic and Protestant churches to mosques, all which offer excellent venues of architectural design. Our client list includes Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, St. Monica’s Church, Primera Iglesia Apostolica, Tabernaculo Emanual The Newman Center, Desert Christian High School, Our Lady Queen of All Saints, Al Kathar Mosque, and the New Apostolic Church

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