Harshaw Creek is studded with oak trees and surrounded by soft hills. A gently sloping site alongside a small stream was picked near the town of Patagonia by the owner/artist. Our clients wanted a retreat that would provide relief from the New England winters and be a place to write and take in the beautiful remote Patagonia Mountains.

The architecture of the home was to follow an old world, Spanish hacienda tradition befitting the region. Using dozens of collected items - antiques, doors, colonnades, chandeliers, vents, and old heavy lumber - a rustic home was built that would appear to have been there for a hundred years. The interior walls were finished with pigmented Italian plaster. The floors are colored concrete. The windows are double-glazed steel casements from Crittal Window Company, UK.

The structural system is highly insulating 12” rastra block with a double roof. The lower level was designed to be non-load bearing, allowing old weathered ceiling beams and rafters to be left exposed and used as ceiling décor, while creating an insulating attic space.

Contractor: Five Starr Construction, Nogales, Arizona.

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