The owners of this property wanted to make a statement with a home to display art and modern lines. They purchased an existing 2000 square foot home with a cruciform oriented plan, interior wall concept and expansive views to the north, south and east. It was decided to maintain the existing wall layout as the main organizing element of the design and as a baseline for its interior design. Originally designed in the 70’s by Douglas Seaver and Associates, it typified modern expression and presented something different and unique to work from. It would be a one of a kind statement, different than the homes of its foothills neighbors.

The scope required the floor to more than double in size while respecting and enhancing the basic concept of the existing view-oriented structure, and to maintain the views from every part of this greatly expanded home. Of importance to the owners, the natural desert-scape was to be part of the finished site and to flow into building design. This would allow the building to appear cut into a surrounding undisturbed desert site, creating a strong relationship with the exterior. Builder: Tamarron Homes, LLC.

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