Skilled detailing is more of a strategy for fine design and craftsmanship than a particular description of a door jamb or a structural connection. Providing a plan showing a desired layout is one thing, with its own merit. How that building looks and feels is another level of deeper concern - always subject to cost saving and oversight. The best details need nurturing commitment throughout the construction process to insure full realization and ultimate enjoyment. From finely finished surfaces to intricate beam connections, there are many opportunities to express this commitment to finesse and great craftsmanship.

Proportions, structural supports, wood, masonry, adobe, fireplace design, art, niches, views, hardware, fine finishes, surface treatment and materials all lie within the purview of fine design and the detailing that makes it happen. An intentional statement of simplicity and inherent completeness is another way of expressing detail according to the concept of minimalism. Less, in this spirit, is more. Wall planes, color, light, shade, and proportion have a poetic effect on detail that speaks of quality.

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